Di-Astrum Warranties

Most Di-Astrum products with standard LED fittings are offered with a five-year warranty.
These include the following ranges:

  • Galaxy Panels
  • Mira Panels
  • Musca High / Low Bay
  • Sirius Non Corrosive
  • 2D Bulkheads – all variants
  • Subra Downlights
  • Equueleus Lindear
  • Eridanus Linear
  • Vulpecula Pendants

The following products from Di-Astrum come with a three-year warranty:

  • Slimline Flood
  • Standard Flood
  • Value Panel

About Our 5 Year Warranty

The 5 year warranty covers the following parts within the Luminaire products:

  • Integral ballasts
  • LED drivers

Please Note: Early lamp failures can be expected but are less than 1% and will be covered within the terms of your warranty.

The 5 Year Warranty DOES NOT include the following which are typically offered with a one-year warranty unless otherwise stated:

  • Emergency luminaires including exit signs
  • Bulkheads and downlights
  • Emergency Packs usually offered as emergency option with LED panels
  • Batteries typically used in built-in emergency fittings
  • Sensors

If you have any questions with regards to our warranties, please contact us for more information.