About Di-Astrum

Based in north London, Di-Astrum is the exclusive UK supplier of Di-Astrum branded LED lighting products.

Since its inception, Di-Astrum has been committed to providing its customers with the same high-quality, long-lasting products at viable prices. This approach to lighting provision offers long-term financial benefits such as zero maintenance / zero disruption, reduced energy bills, and a reduced carbon footprint.

Di-Astrum is proud to provide a number of UK distributors with Di-Astrum products, helping to support M&E contractors, electricians, and maintenance managers around the country by giving them a reliable product platform from which to grow their business and its reputation.

Our distributors give businesses of all sizes the opportunity to benefit from the Di-Astrum range of products, whether that be fitting out your own warehouse and seeing the direct benefits, or being able to offer your own customer a cost-effective, efficient LED lighting solution.