The Di-Astrum Elder LED Vapour Proof has been designed for typical industrial and commercial applications and more specifically to replace existing single and twin fluorescent non corrosive light fixtures. The Elder LED Vapour Proof is IP65 rated, Produces over 95 lumens Per Watt, and comes with Stainless Steel Mounting Clips. Construction is Polycarbonate base with Aluminium heat sink gear tray and IK rated diffuser. Emergency, Dimming, and Microwave Versions available.

Musca Sports LED High Bay

The Di-Astrum Musca LED High Bay has been designed for a wide range of industrial applications up to 15m. This highly efficient High Bay fixture suitable for replacing up to 400W HID fixtures and comes with various additional control and IP Rating Options. Construction Metal Core PCB on Powder Coated Steel body and Acrylic Diffuser, the Musca LED High Bay is offered with a 5 Year Warranty and is also icControl Compatible.

Openspace LED High Bay

The Di-Astrum Openspace LED High Bay is designed to replace existing HID solutions in Warehouse and Industrial Applications. This IP65, IK08 fitting utilises Nichia LEDs and Meanwell driver housed in an extruded Aluminium Alloy chassis and is guaranteed for 5 Years. Various Options available including 60, 90, and 120? Beam Angles for optimal light spread, Glass or Polycarbonate Lenses, and CRI 80 Colour rendition.

Openspace T8 LED Tube

The Di-Astrum Openspace T8 LED Tube is an ideal straight swap solution for existing fluorescent T8 tubes. These economic, lightweight, LED fittings are available in various sizes and options making them an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. These IP20 tubes are constructed using an Aluminium Profile for greater heat management and PMMA diffuser and offered with Frosted Lens as standard to reduce glare. These products are L70 rated to 50,000 hours and are offered with a 5 Year Warranty. Please note that electronic ballast will need to be by passed by a qualified electrician.

Sirius LED Non Corrosive

The Di-Astrum Sirius LED Non Corrosives have been designed to easily replace Single and Twin Fluorescent fittings in industrial and commercial applications. These units are IP65 rated, available in single or twin versions, and utilize Nichia LEDs and Tridonic Drivers. These products are UK manufactured, and are offered with a 5 Year Warranty as standard. The Sirius series is provided in 600, 1200, 1500, and 1800mm lengths and is also L70 rated to 50,000 hours.