Hyacinth1 Fixed Recessed Downlight

The Di-Astrum Hyacinth Recessed Downlight is ideal for retail outlets, offices, corridors and reception areas. This IP20 fitting comes in 11W, 22W, 25W and 37W versions and produces up to 4187 lumens. This stylish downlight is provided in various colour temperatures, is UK manufactured, and comes with a 5 Year Warranty. Utilising Nichia LED chips, this product is ideal for a multitude of indoor applications where aesthetics is important especially retail shop spaces.

Technical information and specification sheets

Options available

  • IP20, 11W, 1020 Lumens, 3000K, CRI 80, 5YR Warranty, White Trim
  • IP20, 11W, 1070 Lumens, 4000K, CRI 80, 5YR Warranty, White Trim